Mayo, T-Gen Launch Clinical Trials to Combat Skin Cancer

A national clinical trial aimed at combating advanced skin cancer is getting under way in the Phoenix area and led by the Mayo Clinic and the Translational Genomics Research Institute.

According to a news release from Mayo Clinic, the study is unique because it offers patients 20 different treatment options in a single trial. Dr. Alan Bryce, Mayo’s lead clinical investigator on the trial, said patients will get a huge advantage over the old model of treating all patients the same way and only testing one drug at a time.

The president of T-Gen, Dr. Jeffrey Trent, said the “Stand Up to Cancer-Melanoma Research Alliance” gives researchers the ability to align cutting edge genomic research with world-recognized clinical centers like Mayo.

The clinical trials involve patients lacking a particular genetic mutation. Doctors plan to use the latest molecular techniques to best match targeted drugs to the unique genetic alterations present in tumors known as wild-type metastatic melanoma, a news release from Mayo said.

Metastatic melanoma claims 9,000 lives a year in the U.S.


Original article:  http://www.12news.com/story/news/local/valley/2015/06/20/mayo-t-gen-launch-clinical-trials-to-combat-skin-cancer/28942407/

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