The Health Care Supreme Court Case: Who Would Be Affected?

The Supreme Court has heard arguments on whether people in states where the federal government runs the health insurance marketplaces are eligible for subsidies that help them afford insurance. The court’s ruling is expected at the end of its term, vcialis 40mg in late June or possibly early July. If it decides against subsidies in the federal marketplaces, order millions of Americans could be affected.

How many people could lose their subsidies?

If the court rules against the Obama administration in the King v. Burwell case, about 6.4 million people could lose their subsidies in 34 states that use the federal health care marketplace. The status of roughly 166,000 people in three other states — Oregon, Nevada and New Mexico — is unclear because those states at one time intended to run their own marketplaces, but now rely on the federal government to manage them.

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