IBM’s Watson Takes On Cancer

IBM’s Watson, cialis the computer that became a Jeopardy champ four years ago, is being further developed to provide diagnosis and treatment for cancer. Recent reports show how doctors are working with IBM to update the computer with medical updates that can help review a cancer patient’s DNA and provide result findings in a matter of minutes.

Last May of this year, IBM announced the new Watson Genomics at the inaugural World of Watson event held in New York. This new Watson computer was designed to help doctors identify the genome sequence of certain cancers easier and faster.

Identifying the genome sequence of certain cancer starts by providing Watson a patient’s DNA. With the help of collected medical literature, which the computer is given access to, Watson reviews the cancer’s mutation and immediately provides diagnosis and solution.

In the World of Watson event, IBM announced their partnership with 13 leading cancer institutes to develop the computer’s ability to diagnose and provide treatment for cancer. The event also allowed Watson to access medical literature written and collected by researchers through the years.

Lynda Chin, a physician and scientist overseeing Watson’s medical project at the MD Anderson Cancer Center says this is the key to help communities to have an expert care with the access the program provides. “I see technology like this as a way to really break free from our current health-care system, which is very much limited by the community providers. If you want expert care you have to go to an expert centre but there are never enough of those to go around.”

Chin also shared how most doctors serving in communities who lack the access to medical facilities and information needed to go where they can get it just to find out the right diagnose to a patient’s condition. While this situation is already tiresome, reviewing can also take days before the results can be acquired. The time delay may not provide the right medical treatment that will work best for the patient, especially with the cancer’s mutation.

IBM’s Watson started taking on the medical field last 2011 – the same year it defeated its human competitors in Jeopardy. Months since the computer won the said game, IBM demonstrated to The Associated Press Watson’s potential to review and provide diagnosis in a matter of minutes after providing it with a fictional patient’s symptoms and other information. The result provided by the computer was found to be 73 percent accurate.

At present, doctors and IBM continue to provide Watson with information that can help review cancer patient’s DNA and to make the system more available especially those in remote communities.


By Jenny Jimenez

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