New Treatment Offers Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Patients, Channels Chemotherapy Directly to Tumor

Procedure utilizes catheter for targeted treatment

The Allisons were devastated when David was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March.

“It hit me hard because I had a sister that died last year of pancreatic cancer, so I just figured this was the beginning of the end,”  David Allison said. 

Then David met Dr. Alex Rosemurgy and started a new form of treatment that uses a catheter to hit the cancerous tumor directly. Florida Hospital Tampa is one of two hospitals using this technology, nationwide.

“We can give very, very high levels of chemotherapy. Very, very high levels of chemotherapy into the tumors and yet have body levels which are very, very acceptable to the patients,” Dr. Alex Rosemurgy, surgeon at Florida Hospital Tampa, said.

Dr. Rosemurgy said it can be difficult to get enough chemotherapy to the tumor with the regular treatment and patients see painful side effects.

David said, after two of these targeted treatments, he’s still feeling good.

“So far this one has not changed my life whatsoever except it’s given me more hope,” David Allison said.Hope for David and about 50-thousand other Americans expected to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year.

“We think this will be another arrow in our quiver to treat pancreatic cancer and gives us yet another hope of prolonging survival,” Dr. Rosemurgy said.

“I pray to God and thank him every day for giving us this opportunity,” David’s wife, Rosemarie Allison, said.


By Ashley Yore

Original article:  http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/health/new-treatment-offers-hope-for-pancreatic-cancer-patients-sends-chemotherapy-directly-to-tumor

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