Early diagnosis: These five cancer screenings are recommended

The earlier doctors can detect changes in tissue, the better the chances of removing a cancer with few complications. These important cancer screenings can save lives and prevent tumor development.

Early diagnosis is vitally important in preventing cancer. It’s easier to treat small and limited tumors than larger ones, and the chances of success are higher. Some types of cancer even arise from precancerous stages that have not yet turned malignant but indicate an increased risk of eventually spawning a tumor.

This is true of colon cancer, skin cancer and cervical cancer. We look at five screenings that are well advised and may easily prevent serious or terminal conditions.

Colon cancer

A colonoscopy is entirely painless and can be used to remove benign polyps, a precancerous condition. The bowel cleansing is much less unpleasant nowadays than it used to be, when the patient had to down four liters of sodium sulfate. The cleansing solution used now tastes better and has been reduced to two liters.

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