FDA Seeking Applicants for its Patient Representative Program

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently seeking applicants for its FDA Patient Representative Program for several disease areas, including cardiovascular disease, sarcoma, thyroid and bladder cancer.

Patient representatives provide FDA with the unique perspective of patients and family members affected by a serious or life-threatening disease. Applicants can be patients or caregivers who have direct experience with these diseases. If selected, some of the capacities in which a Patient Representative may serve are:

  • On FDA Advisory Committees, to offer the patient perspective, ask questions, and give comments to assist the committee in making recommendations
  • As a consultant for the review divisions (doctors and scientists who review data to determine whether the medical product’s benefits outweigh the potential risks)
  • As presenters at FDA meetings and workshops on disease-specific or regulatory and health policy issues

Managed by the Office of Health and Constituent Affairs within the Office of the Commissioner, the program recruits patient representatives on an as-needed basis.

To read more about the program, please visit the FDA’s website.

For more information about the criteria to become an FDA Patient Representative Program, check out the FDA’s Frequently Asked Questions or contact the FDA at 301-796-8460.

Original link: http://www.asco.org/advocacy-policy/asco-in-action/fda-seeking-applicants-its-patient-representative-program