FACT SHEET: Vice President Biden Announces New Steps to Improve Clinical Trials Essential to Advancing the Cancer Moonshot

“These steps will improve the safety, buy accessibility and impact of our clinical research system. They will help patients today and help researchers all over the world in their quests to find new cures. And they come at a true inflection point in our fight against cancer.

“Clinical trials are essential for developing new and more effective cancer diagnostics and treatments. But right now, viagra sale less than five percent of cancer patients enroll in a clinical trial, often because patients and doctors don’t know what trials are available. We can do better—and we are.” –Vice President Joe Biden

Today, Vice President Joe Biden announced a series of new steps focused on increasing access to information about clinical trials and improving the efficiency of our clinical research system.  These steps include (1) making it easier for participants to find clinical trial opportunities as quickly as possible, (2) incentivizing new ways of designing clinical trials to maximize participation while minimizing burden and risk, and (3) strengthening the transparency of clinical trials and trial results.

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