Myths and Truths About Thyroid Cancer Educational Initiative Honors Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month with Launch of New #TruthAboutTC Social Media Challenge

The Light of Life Foundation, ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, and Eisai Team Up to Increase Awareness by Urging People with Thyroid Cancer to Share their Experiences

A thyroid cancer diagnosis can lead to significant distress as patients and caregivers cope with various medical, emotional and economic challenges, as survivors, patients and caregivers have attested. Yet because the majority of thyroid cancers can be successfully treated with surgery and radioactive iodine, the notion exists that thyroid cancer is a “good cancer.” For many patients this misconception can minimize their diagnosis and lead to confusion about the overall impact of the disease and uncertainty about the journey ahead. As part of the Myths and Truths About Thyroid Cancer (“MyTh“) educational campaign, which encourages this community to discuss the realities of living with their diagnosis, and in honor of the more than 62,000 individuals who will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer this year, the Light of Life Foundation, Inc., ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc., and Eisai Inc. have launched the new #TruthAboutTC social media challenge.

Last year during Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, survivors and their loved ones took to social media to share their thyroid cancer “truths,” shining a spotlight on the realities of receiving a thyroid cancer diagnosis. Patients opened up about the emotional impact of the disease, especially feelings of anxiety and fear when receiving news that they or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer. They also shed light on the treatment process, which can be life-disturbing and stressful, with follow-up care that can continue for a lifetime.

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