This is personal: Less chemotherapy for breast cancer

A close relative was diagnosed of invasive breast cancer five years ago. After surgery she received chemotherapy and did well, stomach today she is in remission. Would she still be in remission without chemotherapy?

In patients with breast cancer, cialis oncologists are always confronted with a crucial question: Should chemotherapy be added after surgical removal of the tumor? Despite solid scientific evidence and endorsement by oncology societies for multi-gene tests supporting therapy decision making in breast cancer, only a small percentage of women are able to safely skip chemotherapy thorough personalized medicine.

The medical decision to add chemotherapy in breast cancer is a balance of the benefits of avoiding future recurrence of the tumor against the treatment toxicity and impact on the quality of life of the patient. Oncologists mostly rely on estrogen, progesterone-receptor and HER2 expression in the cancer tissue to guide endocrine therapy and targeted therapies, while chemotherapy is prescribed to most women.

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