The Oncology Pharmacist’s Role in Patient-Centered Care

knew I wanted to be a pharmacist after I completed a job shadow at our local hospital when I was a junior in high school.  I was fascinated by the role pharmacists played on the healthcare team, no rx joining providers on rounds and troubleshooting issues related to medications and infusion pumps.  It was clear to me early on that it takes a whole team to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

My path led me to oncology pharmacy, cialis where my passion for patient care was fed and my mind was challenged daily. I was able to engage with patients and the healthcare team on another level.  It was a pleasure to see my patients each week, giving them relief of their side effects when I could, and developing relationships over the course of their treatment.  Over the years, our cancer program grew to include more team members.  What a privilege to collaborate with my multidisciplinary colleagues–social workers, dietitians, nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, and so many others on our care team.

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