Patient Self Checks Are Critical to Avoid Potentially Deadly Melanoma Recurrence

New study in Journal of the American College of Surgeons finds that recurrent melanomas are more likely to be found by patients as opposed to imaging

CHICAGO (February 8, 2017): Recurrences of early stage (stage II) melanoma are more often detected by patients and their physicians than by routine imaging tests, according to study results published online as an “article in press” on the Journal of the American College of Surgeons website ahead of print publication.

While melanoma may be rare, the number of cases is still cause for concern. More than 87,000 people are diagnosed every year, and nearly 10,000 people die from the disease, according the American Cancer Society.1 Deadly melanoma has a 95 percent cure rate if caught and treated early. Still, some research findings suggest the recurrence rate for melanoma is as high as 50 percent.2

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