Cynthia B- Breast Cancer, Zangmeister Cancer Center, OH

Cynthia B.

You will see below that approximately 7-1/2 plus years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4-breast cancer. What I value most about my oncologist is that he knows me and my husband extremely well. He knows that each time he gives me my PET scan results, I will be in tears regardless of whether the news is good or not so good.

I will never forget after I was first diagnosed, my breast surgeon said she matches each patient’s personality to the appropriate oncologist. I thank God she placed me under the care of Dr. Jeff Zangmeister. He is second to no one. Below is a letter being sent to United Health Care regarding my experience with CVS Specialty Pharmacy (CVS) on October 12, 2016.

I would really prefer to purchase my medicine from the pharmacy at my oncologist office. However, due to insurance coverage, I must purchase my oral chemo through CVS. This morning I followed up with CVS to make certain my oral chemo medicine would be shipped overnight as per my conversation with the CVS representative yesterday. When I called CVS, I was informed my oncologist had not sent in a renewal for the oral chemo. Yet, when I called the pharmacy at my oncologist’ office and spoke with the Pharmacy Manager of Zangmeister Pharmacy, she told me the script was faxed to CVS October 5, 2016. After placing the Zangmeister Pharmacy Manager on hold for several minutes CVS found the script, which had indeed been faxed to them a full week ago. When she asked why the medicine had not been shipped, she was told it was due to data migration. If I had not called CVS, I would not receive my medicine tomorrow. The fact that CVS had this script and had not filled it for seven days is completely unacceptable. In fact, when I called and spoke to the Zangmeister Pharmacy Manager, she said another patient was on the phone with them indicating they were experiencing the exact same issues with CVS. I have been on this medicine for four months, which I take as a result of being diagnosed with stage 4-breast cancer. Each month, without exception, I have had difficulty getting the medicine shipped on time. I RELY ON THIS MEDICINE TO STAY ALIVE. I also do not understand why I must take time each month to call CVS to authorize shipment. Oral chemo is not a drug prescribed to every person. The fact that the pharmacy for my oncologist calls this in each month should be sufficient. Yet when they call it in, CVS somehow manages to consistently misplace the order!! In the future, the specialty pharmacy can be more effective by filling the prescription as soon as my oncologist calls it in. I should not have to follow up each month.